Our core Values lead to Happy Customers

DM Webhosting isn't the biggest hosting company. But our combination of affordable web hosting technology and quick, reliable customer support has earned us a loyal following of web site owners, as we host over 300 web sites. What do we do to make our customers happy customers?

I) Deliver Reliable Service: our network is fast and our servers are designed not to go down, because that's why we're in the business

II) Keep the price right: through system automation and by hiring the right employees, we have kept our operations streamlined in order to keep our price below most major competitors.

III) Empower employees: this is what we believe has pushed DM Webhosting to become a hosting provider people tell their friends about. All of our employees are college-educated and given permission to 'do what it takes' to make situations right. Tired of talking to someone on the phone who sounds like they are reading from a sales manual? Give us a call.

IV) Support customers conveniently: many Internet companies will give you the option of waiting on hold for a long time, or waiting even longer to get an email reply. Customers of ours have learned that if they are busy, they can send us an email for most types of questions or issues, then go on with their life. In 4-5 hrs, they have their answer back in their email box.

V) Be fair: have we built our business on multi-million dollar ad campaigns? No, we have built our business on word-of-mouth. So sure, we have rules and procedures, but we also use our brain (and occasionally our hearts) to make the good and fair decisions in our sales and support to customers. Read about our 30-Day guarantee.

Mike Giese

President, DM Webhosting